Founded in May 2014 , in UAE-Dubai, Innovic International DWL LLC Primarily focusses on Sales , Marketing & Distribution of Key materials used in the manufacture of  Insulated Glass units, Laminated Glass Panels , & soft coated glass materials used both in the architectural and automotive glass processing companies.

Ownership & Management

The company is Managed by Mr Sandeep Prabhu who is CEO & Founder.

He has wide experience working across different industries like  Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Stock Market operations .Engineering , Lighting , Home Appliances & Personal Care , Consumer Electronics , Architectural & Automotive Glass processing and float glass operations.

Mr Sandeep Prabhu has been Managing Finance and Supply Chain function for over 30 years. He also  worked in cross functional teams with sales , marketing , HR & IT function Business Process Owner as a  Change Champion to drive operations excellence in overall business processes , leading to improved cost productivity , higher customer & employee engagement,  which resulted in Improving / Increasing the  Brand value for the company.

He is  Qualified  with a  Post Graduate  Degree in Economics & financial Management  ,  A Certified Cost & Works Accountant (AICWA) & also certified as Black Belt with lean six sigma.  

Company – Brand Philosophy

The company Philosophy resulted from the vision and mission.

To achieve the same it was considered  Being Different & Innovative was critical to succeed and sustain.

The company brand was cornered around the  four Pillars which was considered Key to deliver the vison and mission

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Business Sustainability
  4. Innovation Excellence

The company has an advisory board with people from different Industries as the vision of the company is to continue innovating on the services it plans to keep foraying , keeping in mind sustainable and profitable business operations.